Are you tired of your old kitchen but think you can't afford a new one? Think again, kitchen respray is the solution for you.

You don't have to spend thousands of pounds replacing a perfectly good, but tired, kitchen when for a fraction of the cost you can have a kitchen respray!


At Smart Kitchen Respray we apply the latest kitchen respraying and recoating techniques and can recoat your old kitchen in any of the latest colour ranges and finishes. 

We specialise in kitchen refurbishments and the repainting of hand painted and high quality bespoke in-frame kitchens and can transform and update any tired and dated kitchen.


With over 50 years experience in the spraying of kitchens and furniture,

we make sure that every piece of your kitchen we take away is put through our rigorous process. Each item is individually degreased, sanded, primer sealed (two coats at least) and topcoat colour lacquered (two to three coats). We remove all the handles and door furniture e.g. door hinges. All kitchen doors are all degreased and sanded to ensure there is no old damage and grease ingrained. This thorough process ensures a dust free, and grease free, factory finish in our own high tech spray shop.

Our kitchen respraying process will not cause you any mess or inconvenience.

So why choose Smart Kitchen Respray?

  • Unlike other companies, we do not spray your kitchen doors and accessories in your home causing clouds of dust and over spray, we do the proper job!

  • We do not use independent sprayers or fitters. Our reputation for high quality work is second to none and this is due to the importance we place on delivering every aspect of the service ourselves. 

  • All the kitchen doors and drawer fronts are sprayed both sides!

  • We take no short cuts or half measures spraying out of the back of a van like some companies, we do it the correct way!  You wouldn't have your car resprayed in your home garage so why have your kitchen doors resprayed in your home?

  • All our kitchen resprays are factory prepared and finished.


Kitchen respray is a great way to refresh your outdated kitchen. Whether you are looking to sell the property or just update your kitchen respraying and recoating is the way to go and we are one of the best! 


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